It’s electric

Disclaimer: I’m writing this from my phone and plan to go back and add some pictures in the next day or so.

I think I’m experiencing reverse culture shock. Which is funny because I didn’t even get forwards culture shock when I got to Berlin. I feel like I’m moving 100 miles an hour and everyone around me is stuck doing 35.. So I’m trying to pull them along with me, to get them up to my speed, but they’re just dragging me down to theirs instead. So I’ve got that feeling in my stomach like I’ve hit the brakes too hard. 
In Berlin I was my own person, on my own schedule (or maybe on BVG’s schedule). Public transportation is a godsend, let me tell you. I could go anywhere in the city at pretty much any time. So coming back to this tiny town and sharing one car with my mother and sister is a logistical nightmare.  

Honestly I think staying in Boston would have made for an easier readjustment process.. Being home is just so stressful.

Well, that got awfully personal and depressing. On a lighter note, today I simultaneously made two delicious recipes. One I have made many times before, that’s my cashew chia pudding. It’s really just as simple as cashew milk, maple syrup, and chia seeds. 

  1. Soak the cashews for a few hours (I just leave them overnight)
  2. Blend the cashews with some water. I’ve heard as much as 1:4 (cashews to water) but I use much closer to 1:1.. You’ll just have to experiment with the consistency
  3. Add maple syrup, vanilla extract, and a bit of salt to taste.
  4. Pour the mixture through a fine strainer. I find it takes about 3 passes through to get the pulp out.. Maybe more depending on your patience!
  5. Add a few tablespoons of chia seeds to the nut milk and let it chill overnight. I like to add some fruit when I eat it!

Now don’t you go throwing away all that wonderful cashew pulp! Today I finally found a great use for it: energy balls!

  1. Chop up some medjool dates (like, 8) and put them through the food processor with some of the nut paste (like, half a cup) and some oats (like, 1/4 cup). Pardon the lack of specific measurements, it really depends on what you like!
  2. Add a few spoonfuls of chia seeds and a spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder. Keep adding as much nut paste as it needs to stay soft
  3. It will most definitely form a big gooey ball in your food processor, but try to break it up with a spoon or something and keep blending it. 
  4. Let it chill in the fridge for a few hours if you’d like. Makes it easier to work with!
  5. Roll your delicious goop into balls, then roll them in some food-processor-ed oats, then refrigerate again. 
  6. Try not to eat them all in one sitting!

So ja, they end up having the consistency of cookie dough (which makes them a great way to satisfy that craving without raw eggs and boatloads of butter and crap). Probably not the healthiest snack but they sure are tasty and at least a bit healthy, and full of protein! Next time I want to try adding flax seeds… If anyone has some good recommendations for making these a little less goopy, I’d love to hear about it!


build me up, tear me down

You can still see a mark, if you look closely. A crummy patch job, done to try to pretend it never happened. It never looks quite the same. You run your fingers along my side, pausing for a moment on the rough edge.

I remember the day the bombs fell. My neighbors to the right and left gone without a trace. I, the lucky one, escaped with only lifelong trauma and an ugly face. It’s taken til now to heal. I’m stronger for it. My walls may look mottled but I am whole again.



I’ve been forcing myself to write regularly for the past four months. I was studying abroad in Berlin, and for the enjoyment of those who helped fund my trip, I documented my adventures. Now, I’m back stateside and I feel incomplete without writing. I have no idea what this will be or who will read it. For now, that doesn’t matter. This is for me.

Once, in high school, I decided to be a slacker. Just once. This came through the decision to take creative writing (a joke class) instead of AP english. Did it affect my life academically? Who knows. But it sparked something in me. Me, the previously mathematically-minded engineer kid, discovered a love for the uncertainty that is creative writing. There’s no right answer, it’s totally subjective.. And thus can be totally judged by those around me. It has to stand on its own merits. I hope to include some of the short stories I’ve written in this blog from time to time.

I’m back in my hometown for the next four months. It’s the longest time I will have spent here since I graduated high school. I’m (so totally not) looking forward to running into old acquaintances and reliving the experiences of my teenage years (since nothing ever changes here).

Here are some things you might expect to read about on this page:

  • cats
  • also cats
  • coffee
  • architecture
  • whatever garbage TV i’m currently into


If you’re reading this blog, I have no idea why, but welcome.